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Homeowners, Car, & Health Insurance from Santa Clarita, California

Reduce your financial worries with homeowners insurance, car insurance, and health insurance from JoAnne Lindsey Insurance Services, based in Santa Clarita, California. We determine the ideal policies for your current situation.

Roof over Your Head

Homeowners insurance includes the value of your home and personal property and earthquake/flood coverage. Our insurance broker assists with any claims and explains the process.

Woman Driving, Car Insurance in Santa Clarita, CA

Responsible Driving

Plans are available for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles. Students and those considered good drivers receive discounts. You also have the option to bundle your coverage on multiple cars for a discount.

Additional Policies:
• Dental
• Vision
• Health Insurance—Individual, Family, & Small Business
• Disability Insurance—When You Get Hurt or Injured on the Job
• Term Life—Provides You the Most Coverage
  for a Lower Premium When You Need It Most
  (While Paying off Your Home or Raising Kids)
• Universal Life–Coverage for Your Entire Life
  That Gains Cash Value (More Expensive Premium)

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